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Students in this program choose a broad research theme, with their research project as a central focus, and participate in activities connected to special curriculum structured around creating global human resources. The goal of the program is to foster the independence, international-mindedness, critical thinking, and communication ability necessary to be capable of taking leadership roles in international society.

The number of students enrolled in SGH is limited. Prospective students must meet certain academic achievements and pass an interview examination (in English and Japanese).

There are 55 other schools in Japan participating in our program. Please visit Super Global High School Program.

01.04.16 - Happy New Year!
The Events page has been updated with all the late December events. We will have a new Student Spotlight entry, but it has been delayed due to winter vacation. Rest assured you will meet someone new soon. Currently working on an archive for the previous months participants, coming soon!

12.01.15 - Many, Many, Many, Many Updates!
The Events page has been updated, more pictures in the galleries, and a new Student Profile page!

11.16.15 - Many, Many, Many Updates!
Added a new event to the Events page. Added new Photo Journal page which contains images and content regarding our school identity and projects.

11.01.15 - Many, Many Updates!
There have been numerous updates, new Student Profile page!

10.07.15 - Many Updates!
There have been numerous updates, including SG Course examples, more pictures and added the Student Profile page.

08.18.15 - We just launched this site!
There are still so many things to do, so please pardon our dust as things are being fixed and content is being added to the site.

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